Friday, December 30, 2011

A Few Thoughts for the Upcoming Year:

A short little post while I prepare for the New Year. Since the Libertarian minded have had to spend the last year defending their philosophical underpinnings, why don‘t we ask some questions of those who would dismiss us as crazy or naive:

If the U.S. were to cut it’s defense budget in half, it would still spend twice as much as any other country.  Who exactly is the enemy we are preparing to fight? Can we start to have a discussion about this $600+ Billion and the where, when and how of its expenditure?

As it relates to the first question, the Defense Department got a pass this year on doing an audit. They get a few extra years to come up with more excuses as to why they are unable to explain how they spend our money. The taxpayer’s money. It is a travesty that Medicare fraudulent pays out more than $50 Billion per year, every year, yet the Defense Department can’t even tell us how much they waste. We have to try and guess. Can we stop the hyperbole about how the tiniest cut would doom the Republic until we have a fair accounting of how they are spending our money?

Thousands upon thousands of people have died, or have lost their lives to incarceration, in order to keep people from getting high. That is the long and the short of it; somewhere along the way it was decided that product A, B or C is really, really bad for you, and the state should prevent you from using it. When exactly is this war going to be over? What is going to constitute a victory? Are people are going to stop getting high? Are people going to stop killing each other so as to reap the billions of dollars the illicit drug trade provides? Is anyone going to admit that the only reason anyone dies and that there are billions of dollars to be made form the supply of drugs is because they are illegal (seems no one remembers Prohibition in this discussion)?

To those who say Ron Paul can’t, shouldn’t, won’t win in Iowa or the nomination, isn’t that up to the people at this point? You can ask questions that need to be asked. I have always been somewhat lukewarm to Paul, and I have never been 100% on Team Rothbard/Rockwell. But given the other options, is anyone really surprised? The Neo-Cons and the Social Conservatives have lost some standing in the Republican party and the population as a whole, and that is great in my personal opinion. People are questioning the ideological consistency of these “limited government” types who want to see government limited in every facet except National Security, Homeland Security, Executive Power, Defense Spending, abortion, who you sleep with and why, what faith you hold dear, what you ingest…you see where I am going there? People are starting to see the expansive, all powerful state, in all its forms as a threat to the nation and our way of life. Ron Paul might not be perfect, but his message resonates over the Newt/Mitt/Perry drivel for a reason. We have heard this song before, and how exactly does it cut our soon to be $16 Trillion debt?

To those who say Gary Johnson should stay out of the way so as not to queer the deal for Obama, I ask why should anyone care? The same people say Ron Paul can’t win, so you would have to explain how Obama has been any worse than John McCain would have been, or how he will be worse than the afore mentioned Newt/Mitt/Perry what-have-you? All of these individuals do not approach the Office of the President with any humility. They see no limit on their power, or their egos. They will all have their pat industries or groups to bail out. They all see no real limit on the power of government unless it is as a partisan sound bite. The people are fed up with it all. 10 years, $16 Trillion in debt and absolutely no action to change the trajectory. Limiting the state and its growth is the only real chance we have, so why not vote for someone who holds that notion dear? If the Independents all said “stop the ride I want to get off” that would be the end of the two parties, which really, at this point is there a difference?

To our left leaning friends, how exactly has Obama been working out for you? Liking his National Security stances so far? Even W. didn’t advocate the ability to assassinate an American citizen without trial. Making you feel all warm and cuddly?

To everyone over 55: We get it, someone made a promise to you. You know what though, lets put aside the notion that no one asked me, I know for a damn fact no one asked my children. Is your level of comfort really worth the United States of America? No one is talking about pushing you down the stairs or leaving you to cat food and freezing to death. The system is unsustainable, and we need to decide what we are going to do going forward. In the end it does not concern you, unless of course you make it that way with the AARP and all the other lobbies. You had a chance to mess everything up beyond almost all comprehension, and I don’t want to hear about what is owed to you. Medicare and Social Security (as well as the Defense Budget) are going to destroy the country, so until you are ready to admit that and be part of the discussion about the solution put away your tri-corner hat and your sign please, you are being insincere. It needs to be fixed, and to put it bluntly you will be long dead when the final bill comes due, so can you please back off on the panicky hyperbole?

We could go one and on: OWS and the notion of what is “owed” to a them; public schools and the idea that what is good for the Teacher's Union isn’t always good for the children; the general notion that we exist as little cogs in the greater machine that is our government and it needs us to be eating and living healthy, carrying our mandated health insurance, while wearing our seat belt and not talking on the cell while driving, all with our government funded college education, working in properly subsidized green industries producing the specifically mandated light bulbs all while paying what is our “fair share” into the government coffers. It should be both fun and incredibly frustrating to examine all of these thing in the coming year. Happy New Year to you and yours.


  1. I think you are asking too much of the American people to think and have a rational discussion. It's always going to be a case of "me, me, me, mine and what's mine and who owes me what." Until the we get around that mindset it's difficult to see how we can get "US" back in the U.S.

  2. I disagree with the above response. You claim the source of our problems is people being selfish and suggest we "get around that". You cannot change the fact that people pursue their own interests. The issue is when those pursuits hurt others. The question is how to prevent this. The founders understood that you cannot eradicate greed, but you can limit the negative effects by not giving men power over others where they can make things compulsory which of course breeds quasi socialist parasites and crony capitalists.

    If a person or a corporation can exploit a policy and create a true zero or negative sum transaction, simply remove the policy and there will be nothing for them to suckle from.

    To the blogger I would consider the argument from morality instead of the argument from effect. If you find a reasonable person who wants to discuss empirical aspects of any given policy, great. Most people however have never bothered to study any issue in great detail. Convince a man of the why and the how does not matter. The initiation of force is immoral, stick with that.