Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It Does Not Count!

I am not a Ron Paul booster, but I am having quite a bit of fun watching what is happening as of late. For months now we have been hearing about how important a good showing in the Iowa Caucus is going to be for a run at the Republican nomination. If you look at Real Clear Politics they have had a running tab on the Iowa race for months, and it has been a big story every time one of the candidates has taken the lead (look at the graph at the bottom of that page to see how fluid this situation has been). Now that Paul has taken the lead spot the powers that be have decided that it won’t matter, a repeat of Huckabee in 2008 or worse, total irrelevance for the caucus going forward. Notice how none of this was a problem or a question when Newt was running ahead last week? No, the story then was how was he going to parlay that into further success in South Carolina and the eventual nomination. Now it doesn’t matter though.
For Months Ron Paul and his supporters have been complaining about the lack of media coverage, well it does not seem to be a problem for them now. The “proper” thinking conservatives are now out in force laying down the law about how inappropriate a Paul victory would be, and how no “right” thinking Republican should be supporting him. We are hearing quite a bit about how incredibly stupid Paul’s foreign policy position are, how his “isolationism” would lead to the end of America as we know it, and just for good measure we have to throw in how he hates Israel. No candidate ever has to explain how we keep paying for the never-ending National Security state, it is simply a given that we keep troops in over 100 countries around the world forever. Newt, Mitt, Perry and the rest are able to skate by with talking points, yet crazy Uncle Ron has to explain the idea that maybe we need to concentrate on getting our own house in order after 60 years of interventionist foreign policy. How exactly is it sacrilegious to say that Iranians, as a people, might hold some resentment towards America because the CIA overthrew their government and installed a dictator to rule over them? America is run by people, not Popes, and we are allowed to criticize the actions of earlier administration and generations. America has not always been on the right side of history, and the only shame would be in not admitting that and endeavoring to do better in the future.
The big gun that has been brought out to try and drop Paul out of the top spot has to do with the old newsletters that carried racist diatribes under his name. Personally I find these things to be very troubling, and I have not been impressed with anything he has had to say about them. I can not comprehend any politician, at any level, having these things being published in their name, for quite a long time, and not know anything about it. If he had nothing to do with the writing it seems that at some point someone would have brought them to his attention. If he wants to be a front runner, and he thinks he deserves to be there, then he needs to better address this issue, for it is not going to go away, everyone from each side of the political spectrum is going to keep on referencing it. Having said all that, this occurred twenty years ago, and all of the other candidates have long histories of stupid statements. Newt Gingrich is falling in the polls because people are actually listening to the stupid things coming out of his mouth today, never mind what he has in his past. As to how Paul approaches the issue of race today, someone has put together a pretty good video embedded below:

You can see how most any of that would drive hardcore Republicans insane, and they would not want that to be the standard bearer of their party, but of course that is most of the problem with the Republican party today.


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