Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Have Got to be Kidding Me!

Electable.  We keep hearing how important being electable is, that beating Obama is what is important.  For months, we heard over and over again that votes should not be wasted on Ron Paul. He can’t win the nomination, and he can’t win the election, so you should not vote for him. You people with libertarian leanings are very important to the Republican Party, we really do respect you and we have a home for you in our tent, so please don’t muddy the waters with Ron Paul talk, and support one of our “electable” candidates and then we will all work together to bring about limited government. A reasonable message, with a real sensible appeal to people’s better nature. And in their continued desire to nominate anyone other than Mitt Romney, they have now elevated for our consideration Rick Santorum. I believe the proper, measured and intellectual response to that should be: You can all go straight to hell!

Of any candidate that is running in this race how exactly can the limited government, libertarian minded support Rick Santorum? How is it that this notion of “electability” disqualifies Paul yet somehow includes this hardcore culture warrior? This man has specifically said he wants to purge the libertarian influence out of the Republican Party and the conservative movement. He believes that we all have it wrong, that we have no understanding of the “real” history of this country. We don’t know that “pursuit of happiness” must be restrained by the proper application of Christian morality so as to protect the health of the state. We don’t seem to know or understand that “gay” is some sort of choice that people make, because Hollywood has made it look cool or some damn thing like that. Marriage is only about God’s plan for men and women to have children, plain and simple, and allowing two non-heterosexual people to engage in the state sponsored marriage contract will inevitably and inexorably lead to polygamy and bestiality. This candidate knows what is good for us, knows when and where the Federal Government should intercede in our choices and freedoms, and what is best for us due to his moral compass. Electable? Barack Obama could beat this man while wearing a turban, and you demanded everyone take electability into account into their decision on who to finally vote for?

I’m a New Hampshire resident, and I am pretty well confident that this clown does not have a chance of coming in second here, but then of course there is the rest of the country. Economy or culture? Beat Obama or make a statement about Conservatism? What is the point this time around? Santorum is a Burkean conservative of the highest order, he does not see the power of government as being limited when it comes to laying down “traditional” moral values and structures for the state. The Social Conservatives have a very strong hold on the Republican Party, and they could easily unite in the Southern and Midwest Primaries and elevate Santorum into the top slot. Then they would be the ones guaranteeing Obama’s reelection. Independents are going to decide the election, everyone knows that. Social Conservatives could throw a hissy about their interests being ignored and make this about the gays or school prayer, and quite frankly that would be fine in my book. I do not need a lesson in morality from Rick Santorum. I would never assume to come to his community or his house and tell him how he is living his life in an improper or immoral way. The pretentious and arrogant way that he dismisses any challenge to his world view should be enough for anyone to see that he is unfit to be President. His candidacy should have disappeared long ago, yet we see some of the standard bearers trying to mount a case for him now, which of course should speak volumes about how important they believe libertarians and independents to be in their coalition. The talking point has been that a second Obama term would be so terrible that there needs to be a unified effort to unseat him regardless of the candidate (so long as it is not Paul). Yet this is the new best “non-Romney” option? The man was right there happily running up the debt under W. with Iraq, Medicare Part D and NCLB. He is an ear mark king and his defense of them is exceptionally lame (to be fair, if ear marks are a mark against Santorum, they need to be one against Paul, his ridiculous lard up the bill/yet vote against the bill crap is merely semantics and he needs to be called on it). The man has nary a redeeming feature for those who believe the Federal Government should stay out of their business, and he has made that abundantly clear to anyone who will listen to him.

If Santorum wants to purge the libertarian from the Republican Party, why not let him? If the Independent, who does not see gay marriage as the end of the Republic, is unimportant to the Republican Party and the Conservative punditry, then play up Saint Rick’s crusade. The notion that beating Obama is so important that the "libertarianish" that Santorum so despises should swallow their pride and vote for this man is laughable. We continue to be told that the choice is terrible Big Government Obama or Candidate X from the Republican Party, who invariably will be some sort of Big Government Neo-Con or Social Conservative. This is somehow a choice? Is it any wonder that the idea of a third party vote is starting to reach a high water mark with the electorate? Crazy, by definition, is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. How exactly would choosing solely based on the R or the D at this point be anything but pure insanity?


  1. Libertarians want actual change. None of your "electable" clones understand that concept.

  2. @Anonymous Yeah, really kind of the point of the post.

  3. Way to ring in the new year. With a dose of common sense. Santorum can go fly a kite. And why the heck is Huntsman still here? We don't need things to be going more and more to the right. Maybe a Paul/Johnson ticket would work out and we can finally get the actual change that is needed to bring this country back on course.

  4. Excellent post! I'm not sure I want to live in a country where Santorum is more electable than the honorable Dr. Paul. Thanks for fighting the good fight.