Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paul vs. Schumer Over K2: AKA Principles vs. Ironic Idiocy

Sen. Charles Schumer has decided to call out Sen. Rand Paul for blocking national legislation to ban synthetic marijuana. There is a need for this ban, according to the good senator from New York, because there has been an alarming increase in the number of poison control center calls about people taking this product, marketed as perfectly legal incense, and smoking it to get high. According to the press release, and coinciding with a study in the journal Pediatrics, there have been 6959 calls about this substance in 2011 (average 19 a day for anyone keeping count) and 1261 in the first two months of 2012 (21 per day). Schumer is letting us know how terrible this epidemic is, that the poor, helpless children could possibly suffer symptoms of “fast heartbeat, vomiting, extreme nervousness, hallucinations, tremors, and seizures” and mind you no deaths. The Federal government, according to our sage legislator, needs to step in and make sure no one can ever gain access to these dangerous chemicals, for the good of the children don’t you know.

What is absolutely incredible in this is the logic of people like Schumer. Rand Paul is somehow an ass for standing athwart of the rush to increase the reach and scope of the federal government. Yet this situation does not even need to come up, and the irony is just ridiculous here. The Federal government has decreed that marijuana, a weed that used to grow wild through most of this country, should not be possessed or consumed by anyone, for their own good, because…I don’t even want to bother refuting the idea that it should not be a Schedule 1 drug classed alongside heroin, it is just too damn ridiculous to bother. Some people want it, the Feds say you can’t have it, and to that end a massive Black Market exists to provide the product. This market is run by some of the worst, most bloodthirsty criminals in the world, and thousands of people have died, in part because of this product being illegal. If you are caught with said product, which would have no more debilitating or life altering effect on you than a perfectly legal bottle of booze, you will be prosecuted in some way shape or form, and your life as you knew it would be forever changed. Now stepping into this morass is an industrious capitalist providing a niche product to meet the demand of people who would like to alter their consciousness for a time yet not risk brushing with the criminal element and its possible repercussions. Can we roll back to the beginning here and ask the very simple question of the Honorable Mr. Schumer: Why not kill a shit ton of birds with one stone, take money from the drug cartels, people out of the criminal justice system, and the incentive out of providing a product that is supposedly going to mimic the effect of the illegal drug, by making said drug legal?

We don’t need new laws to outlaw these things if you remove the old nonsensical laws that created the problems. You also don’t need to be your usual pompous ass self in disparaging the motives of the only Senator that seems to give a damn about actually trying to limit the size and scope of the Federal Government instead of increasing it in a pointless effort to protect people from themselves. Increasing the number of ways the Feds can flush money down the drain in pointless endeavors should not be the order of the day any longer, yet we can’t seem to accept these things we can not change. There are people who are going to get high, and throwing them and those who supply them in jail in an effort to change that has been nothing but a disaster. We should all be telling Schumer and his ilk that enough is enough, of course them being voted out of office by constituents tired of things like this would be the best expression of that.


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