Friday, October 26, 2012

Johnson Understands Drones Can Also Make Enemies

Why am I a libertarian?  It is about freedom.  It is about liberty. I have neither the wisdom nor the right to dictate how you should run your life.  I resist the encroachment and increase of government power not because I am callous, insensitive, indifferent or naive, but because I fear the next step down the road towards totalitarianism when the wrong politician takes the helm with that power.  There are dozens of real issues that will affect this country's future that neither the Democrats or Republicans will never address.  As an exercise try examining the drone war as something that will perpetuate and create problems for our country and our children instead of achieving the stated goal of keeping us safer.

Everyday the United States launches missiles into sovereign countries killing supposed evil terrorists hoping to do us harm, all done without oversight or limits.  If the idea of an American president ordering the deaths of these people as if he was the Sun King reincarnated is not loathsome enough, ponder this: we sit back and blithely ignore this extra-constitutional assassination program that kills the bad guys while scores of innocent people are killed as collateral damage, including children.  Think on that for a moment. You came home from work one day to find your neighbor's house obliterated and your own along with it, taking the lives of your children.  Come to find out your neighbor was a really bad man, possibly planning to do very bad things in another country, so that country blew up his house to ensure it did not happen.  Your world is shattered and your children dead because you had a bad neighbor, no other reason, how do you feel at that moment?  You are filled with rage, you now want to see that country destroyed, that country has made a very real enemy, one that is justified and righteous in his hatred.  Our foreign policy makes enemies like this everyday, and has been doing so for years.  It is not unpatriotic or disloyal to question whether or not our actions are keeping us safe or are actually starting to have the opposite effect.  Place yourself in the shoes of that man who comes home to that tragedy for just one moment;  what is your reaction to that horror?  Now ask yourself if killing that one bad guy, who given unlimited time, resources and luck MAY someday inflict some damage on the United States, was that worth staining the honor of the concept of America as a force for good that our children will have to carry?  If a Jihadi from Mali blew up an American school killing a dozen children there are people in this country who would advocate invasion and occupation as a response, and would feel righteous in their cause.  If the U.S. destroys a Malian school during a drone strike against a dangerous Jihadi, what should the world think of us?  I am not a peacenik, but I am tired of war.  A foreign policy that creates as many (if not a factorial more) enemies as it dispatches is utterly insane, and it ensures this cycle will continue on for decades.

Obama and Romney will continue this war and no one can deny that, and this is just one of a hundred issues that the two party system will not and can not address.  I support Gary Johnson because this is one of the many issues he understands ends up dragging our country further down rather than making it better and safer.  The video below perfectly encapsulates that and many other issues, and if nothing else you should try and pass it around to your friends and see if it starts to chip away at the idea that we must reside in this two party system.  If you believe that your individual action can not change the status quo, then you have ensured that the status quo will never change.


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