Friday, June 14, 2013

More Stuff Posted

I have another piece up over at Speak Liberty Now.  This one deals with the constant refrain we are hearing from government apologists about the "legality" of the NSA data mining program.  One of the things I have to say about that:
And just like the NSA data mining, we had to actually KNOW it was happening to raise that outcry.  If when the people hear of these things, and they scream out that it is wrong and it shouldn't be happening, then legal and right (or acceptable if you wish) have veered away from each other, and simply defending the legality (especially if you are being nothing but a hypocritical, tribal, partisan shill) means you are missing the point.  All of those things listed above were considered legal at some point, but that did not make them right.
Check out the rest here .

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Stuff Up at Speak Liberty NOW

I am very happy to announce that I am a now a contributor to Speak Liberty NOW, a great site full of diverse opinions and writings dealing with the liberty movement.  My first work deals with the ridiculous and scandalous degree to which we have allowed our free speech rights to be degraded.  Hope you enjoy.
Story here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Use It Before You Lose It

I ran across this quote while doing some research.  It comes from CATO'S LETTERS OR Essays on Liberty, Civil and Religious, and Other Important Subjects By John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon 1720-23.  This link is the relevant one and the overall site has a few other transcripts on there, definitely worth a read if you have the time.

If you are looking for a chuckle and a way to throw some sand in the gears check out this gem about NSA surveillance from the people at Funny or Die:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tragically Funny

I saw this on a twitter feed, and it was so tragically and unfortunately funny I had to share:

And this is just as funny courtesy of the folks over at Slate:

Why Worry If You Have Nothing To Hide?

“Nothing to worry about”
“I’m sure we should be doing this”
“Not talking to terrorist either”

These are direct quotes of someone talking about the recent news that the NSA has been using the PATRIOT Act to simply scoop up all of the calling records of Verizon customers.  To repeat the NSA ordered Verizon to turn over the calling records of every customer, and told them they had to keep it a secret.  Now this story is starting to gain real traction, because it is an incredibly terrifying notion.  This information was leaked to the press, confirming a general suspicion that most people have, that the intelligence services of this country are continuing to increase the size, scope and drag of their information gathering on ordinary citizens, and we truly have no idea how much our government is doing in this regard.  Why?  Because it is a secret.  We are simply expected to trust that our government is doing the right thing.  Trust in the national security state.  The PATRIOT Act is all good, all the time, and only the bad guys are ever targeted.  You have nothing to fear, nothing at all.  Some legislators have warned us that we have no idea what our government thinks it can do with its surveillance powers, and that everyday Americans would be shocked if we ever learned the truth. 

On the other end of the spectrum are the quotes listed above.  These are not the words of some nitwit, man-on-the-street grade school dropout.  This comes from a sitting U.S. Senator, Mr. Neo-Con to the Extreme, Lindsay Graham.  This is an individual who swore to uphold the constitution, a document that was supposed to LIMIT the power of the government, to protect the citizens of this country from what can be the awesome and intrusive power of the Feds.  We have continued on this path for more than a decade now, that we need to cower in fear from the ever present terrorist threat, that they are everywhere plotting to get us, and that the government needs to be into everything, at all times in an effort to keep us safe.  We need to just trust in them that they have targeted the right individuals, that the info they want is relevant to actual investigations, and it all falls under the ever present and truly odious and ignorant rallying cry that “if we have nothing to hide, we have nothing to worry about.”  Free people don’t have to justify themselves, their actions or their right to be secure in their person and possessions, the government needs to make the compelling case that someone has done something wrong to justify the intrusion of the government into their lives.  Why even bother having amendments 4, 5, 6 and 8 if we can simply trust that the government is doing the right thing?  Just because the esteemed idiot from South Carolina is “sure we should be doing this” does this mean the rest of us should just sit back and enjoy the ride?  How long will this war be going on by the way?  What exactly is the metric for winning again?  If this war and the erosion of our rights will continue so long as there are small, highly motivated groups willing to attack America and kill Americans, which very well could be an indefinite proposition, does this mean that the PATRIOT Act and the surveillance state it has created will also continue indefinitely?  According to people like Graham it should and we should just stop grousing about it.  This of course means if we want to see any actual change then we need to start sending a better class of people to Washington, ones who actually understand and appreciate the idea that the government needs to be limited and restrained if we are to be a free society, and that in that free society the people don’t ever need to answer a stupid question like “why are you worried if you have nothing to hide?”

Watch Mr. Graham earn the title of Asshat below: