Friday, June 14, 2013

More Stuff Posted

I have another piece up over at Speak Liberty Now.  This one deals with the constant refrain we are hearing from government apologists about the "legality" of the NSA data mining program.  One of the things I have to say about that:
And just like the NSA data mining, we had to actually KNOW it was happening to raise that outcry.  If when the people hear of these things, and they scream out that it is wrong and it shouldn't be happening, then legal and right (or acceptable if you wish) have veered away from each other, and simply defending the legality (especially if you are being nothing but a hypocritical, tribal, partisan shill) means you are missing the point.  All of those things listed above were considered legal at some point, but that did not make them right.
Check out the rest here .


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